Saturday, December 20, 2008

It doesn't take much to entertain us!

So...I needed to run out for some printer ink & to return some movies - excuses excuses...LOL! Well, we decided to take a fun little side trip to a closed car lot (guess they didn't think they would get any sales with all the snow today so they closed up shop early. Too bad for them because we might've wanted to buy something... *wink wink*).

Anyways, we basically stopped in to see what my "dream car" would look like with a pile of snow on it. LOL (See, I told you that it doesn't take much to entertain us! LOL) Ultimately, I would LOVE to have the Audi TT but would definitely settle for this hot little thing...the Nissan 300z. *hehehe* Not too shabby, eh?

Check out how deep the snow is around my ankles - Wow! I'm thinkin' I look pretty good next to this to convince Aaron that I need it in 2009...HMMM! ;)~

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~



Golfheader said...

Gotta love all that snow! My hubby is out shoveling this mornin, seems like we are back in Juneau. -Bell