Saturday, December 20, 2008

I earned my Angel wings...only you can't see them!

While out and about Christmas shopping yesterday we made our way to the OTHER Cupcake store in town - Saint Cupcake! Woohoo! What an adorable store that Jami has put together - and I can't wait to let her know it the next time I see her. :)

You all probably know me well by now...I couldn't get out of there without a cupcake AND a t-shirt! I love this shirt! While you can't see it from the picture that was taken this morning before heading out into the snow, the backside has ANGEL WINGS as the design. Way cute, so clever!

As for the cupcakes...YUM! I had a bite of Alyssa's whopper one - very good...but the carrot cake one - HOLY COW, YUM! Can't wait to eat another...LOL! (wondering if Aaron will make a stop there after we do our regular SUSHI SATURDAY lunch...Hmmm!)

I really need to get that new CTMH Cupcake stamp set of mine out again and compile a layout of all my cool Cupcake t-shirts, don't you think? *teehee* Maybe after Christmas. :)

Have a very happy Saturday, everyone. Stay warm! (It's snowing here right now as I blog from the Starbucks in the Alphabet District in downtown Portland. We could see up to a foot...hope so! LOL)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~