Friday, December 19, 2008

I found a CUTE hat today!

I am so stoked! I NEVER find hats that I think look at least 1/2 way decent on me and when I do they never seem to fit my big, fat head (which is where I store all of my cool, innovative ideas, of course...yeah, that's the ticket!)...LOL! But today was the exception! Woohoo!

We were out on 23rd today in Portland doing some last minute Christmas shopping at the ultra unique stores and ventured into a hat store. I got to talking to the very helpful sales clerk about how I can never find hats that look good on me and so she began scouring the store until she could prove me wrong! I ended up with this very soft, black, knit hat for a good price and wore it all day long. It was nice to have since the weather has been so cold AND it was snowing a little bit while we were downtown. Loved that it kept my ears warm and looked GREAT with my black velvety jacket that I bought about a month ago, too. :)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~

P.S. - I think I need to throw a party. This post marks my 100th post to my blog! YIPPEE!! :)