Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I braved the icy roads by myself today!

An update for:
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Dear Blog Journal,
Ok, so the icy roads weren't so bad today and the workout was fun, yet again. :) I had to take it easy because of my shoulder since today was mainly an upper body style workout. Tina helped me to modify a few things and then she turned me loose asking me (often) to relax my shoulders which I have a hard time remembering to do. Hopefully someday it will just come naturally so that I will not have to worry about aggravating my neck/back as much. :)

Aaron bought a rowing machine for home tonight! I haven't had the opportunity to check it out yet but I do know that its a beast that stands tall! I'm looking forward to using it on my off-days from workout, though. I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

Here is what we did for the Workout:
Skill was: 4 Rounds
  • 15 Partner Kettlebell Drills
  • 10 Wall Squats
  • 10 Plate Squats
  • 5 Swing, hi-pull, snatch practice (and man do I ever need the practice! lol)
Workout was: 7 rounds (I only made it through 4 rounds)
  • 5 plank rows (I used 12.5 lb weights)
  • 12 weighted push-ups (did 2 rounds girl push-ups and then 2 rounds of ring rows)
  • 15 weighted sit-ups (used a 10 lb weight)
My food intake:
Breakfast: 1/4 cup Oatmeal with 1 pk. Kashi hot cereal w/ 1 scoop Glutamine & 3/4 scoop Max Pro Vanilla, 1 oz Max Ultra 100 Vitamins
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Pizza
Other: 4 oz MonaVie
Snack: String Cheese
Dinner: Subway Turkey Sandwich & Baked Lays
Snack: Grande N/F Pumpkin Spice Latte no whip
Water intake: 16oz - still very low for the day. :(

Determined to look fine in 2009 -
~Shannon ;)~