Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 more Christmas Cards!

So the big snow storm must've held up a ton of my mail because when I opened my mailbox yesterday it was jam packed with lots of Christmas cards and bills. (Yuck on the bills! lol) Now it's got me wondering how full my PO Box could be and if I got any surprise goodies in there! Hope so! I'll have to head up there today and check it out. :)

This first card I want to show you is from my BFF Pam B. I thought this card was so stinkin' cute and I thought she did up the snowman absolutely adorable! Pam always does amazing artwork and I am constantly being inspired by all she does. Just wish she lived closer to me so that I could see her more than 1-2 times a year. *sigh*

Great job on this card Pam!! I'm sure that everyone that received it was very blessed. :)

This next card that I want to share was done by Chris H, Pam's upline as a matter of fact! I love this card, too! I like how its so simple but yet very classy all at the same time.

Thank you so much for blessing me with your artwork Chris. It was a fun surprise to open it up yesterday. :)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~