Monday, December 29, 2008

I gained in weight today!

An update for:
Monday, December 29th, 2008

Dear Blog Journal,
First off...yeah yeah, I know. I didn't blog about my fitness yesterday. It was a rest day and all I did was eat junky and shop. LOL But today I was back on like Donkey Kong and here is what I have to say about it...

Who would've ever thought that gaining weight could be a good thing? Well, for me, it happened today...but in a good way! Here's the scoop...

Basically, what I'm saying is that either I didn't wimp out with my workout (because at one point my stomach started turning and I could've easily pushed myself further and gotten sick! EEK!) or I'm jut getting stronger! I'm going to opt for the stronger should see my "guns" baby! LOL Woohoo! ;)~ Instead of push pressing kettlebells at minimal weight in an effort to baby my bad neck/shoulder/back issue I actually DOUBLE push pressed two 25 lb kettlebells. That's a huge improvement for me. :))

The picture shown with this post is from the Saturday class. That was a very fun class actually! Gotta say that my thighs are super sore from all the squats we did both Friday and Saturday but that's ok, very worth it and I'm working through it (and sitting in the hot tub at night is not hurting my feelings in the least!). :)~

Here is what we did for the Workout today:
Skill was: 3 rounds
  • 5 - double kettlebell push press (2 @ 15lbs x 2, 2 @ 18lbs 1x, 2 @ 20 lbs, 1x, 2 @ 25lbs 1x)
  • 5 - pull ups (negative)
Workout was: 1 minute each, rest, x3
  • Slam Ball (12 lb, 16 lb, 16 lb)
  • Thrusters (15 lb, 15 lb, 12.5 lb)
  • Kettlebell Swings (20 lbs)
I think I ended my reps at: 78, 69, 74

My food intake:
Breakfast: 1/4 cup Oatmeal with 1 pk. Kashi hot cereal w/ 1 scoop Glutamine & 3/4 scoop Max Pro Vanilla, 1 oz Max Ultra 100 Vitamins
Lunch: Tuna English Muffin and String Cheese
Other: 4 oz MonaVie
Snack: Max Gourmet "Hot Chocolate" w/ 1 scooop Glutamine
Dinner: 1 Chicken Taco, 1/2 quesadilla
Snack: Grapes
Water intake: 64 oz - Woohoo! I did it! 8 glasses baby! Finally! LOL

Determined to look fine in 2009 -
~Shannon ;)~