Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My 7 days of THANKS countdown - #2!

Out of excitement, I've been chomping at the bit to get to the last 2 days of this countdown and I can't believe we're finally here. Woohoo!! I'm excited about today's Thankful...the recognition of my AWESOME FRIENDS! :)

It is really cool to be sharing a few pictures of my friends with you this morning because over on another program I use, Facebook, I hit "100 Friends" in my friends list last night (meaning current friends and/or ones I have recently reconnected with from my past - Yay!)...so its almost like a little milestone in my life to see that I have more friends than I actually thought I did...lol. ;)

Friends are so important when it comes to a happy, healthy life and while I would love to show you pictures of ALL of my friends I know that it would be nearly impossible to do so since I don't have pictures for some of them...LOL! j/k ;)~ Anyways, here are just a few of my clostest friends that are currently an active part of my life. :)

Doyle and Teresa. Aaron met Teresa at LA WeightLoss last year when he signed up for their weight-loss program and then we got to know them as a family. Doyle and Teresa are very wonderful, full-hearted people. They are kind, loving, fun, and we love hanging out with them when life isn't so busy for both of us. :)

Monte and Irene. (Ok, I'm sure Irene isn't going to think this is the best picture but it was the only one I could find - LOL!) We met Monte and Irene on our first Close To My Heart Cruise to Alaska back in 2003. They are AWESOME to hang around with because they have the same sense of humor as us (dry? lol!) and know how to have a good time. They are funny, knowledgeable, entertaining, and great fun to be around. We don't have the opportunity to see them that often, even though they only live 2 hours from us, but when we are together its absolutely the best and like no time has past. :)

Stan and Amy. We've actually known them since the beginning of our Close To My Heart Cruises back in 2003 but only really started getting to know them within the past 3 years. They are an absolutely AMAZING couple. The way they interact with one another, the stories that they tell, the humorous side to their personalities, the way they talk about family and traditions, and the heart that explodes from them is just so much fun and comfortable to be around. I so wish we lived closer to them...it stinks having to wait for "cruise time" to try to pack all our fun into 1 week! *sigh*

Scot and Pam. We met them on the Close To My Heart Mexican Riviera Cruise in 2006 and then really got to know them well in Alaska 2007. I love these guys! They are so funny and fun to be around. They have a GREAT sense of humor, love to laugh, love to relax in the ship spa with us (LOL!), and have the funniest stories to tell! I so wish they lived closer to us, too, because I know we would see them all the time! Of course, that's only if Scot promises to keep his food on his plate and not stain my dry-clean only white slacks like he did in the Mediterranean...LOL!! ;)

Kent and Tina. They are some of our very first friends within Close To My Heart...as well as my direct upline! Kent and Tina are very heartfelt, encouraging, and loving people. They want to make you feel warm and welcome and are great at building you up and helping you to feel important. We were fortunate enough to tour London, Paris and Belguim with them in fall of 2008 and we throughly enjoyed the fun we had with them. :)

While I would like to show you more pictures of all my awesome friends it would be easier for you to log into Facebook to see all the great pictures and fun (look for Shannon Buck!)...I'd love to have you on my Friends list! :) Also, stay tuned tomorrow for my #1 Thankful. Have a great day!

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~