Friday, October 10, 2008

Today was Pisa!

We drove 1 - 2 hours out of port into Florence and got to view the original carving of David. It was pretty impressive! I swear the thing stood about 25 feet tall or more! The museum would not let any of us take pictures so unfortunately I don't have a picture to show off. :( We had a great tour guide that explained the history of Italy as well as so many other things...just don't ask me to try to remember any of it. LOL I had a hard time hearing through the headset and retaining any of it. ;)
We also went and viewed the leaning tower of Pisa. Um, it was cool and all but not as impressive as I thought it would be. The area surrounding the tower was filled with lots of street venders and it was pretty much scary and it really put a damper on the leaning tower. I also thought it would be much bigger...not really sure why I thought that, though. Hmmm! There was even one point when a whole bunch of street vendors picked up their goods and booked it out of the area because the cops were coming to bust them. Great area to be in, huh?

Other than that we headed back to the ship (and almost got into a bus, huh?). I did take a picture of the Hotel California from the bus, though. I found it pretty funny that we had to travel half way around the world to see it. *hehehe*

We went out for drinks and Tempanyakki (I know I'm spelling this wrong...LOL!) after we returned to the ship and it was soooo good. We were the loudest bunch in the restaurant! So much in fact, the table next to ours looked like they wanted to join us. LOL Man we were a wild bunch! In the end, the other table DID come over and share some laughs and jokes with us...they were from Malta. Of course the joke that one of the guys told was too dirty for me to repeat *hehehe* but also, I barely even remember how it all went. Ha! All I remember is that it was a golf joke. ;) Oh, and I can't repeat what he said when Amy asked why there are so many cats in Malta, too...I'm sure you can only imagine what he said. ROFL!! She was pretty was I! *blush*

Tomorrow is our last day on the cruise before we pack up and head home. YAY!! I'm ready to come home...its been so long since I've seen my loved ones. Can't wait to see everyone!! Now I just have to hope that I'll have enough internet minutes to get me through tomorrow nights blog without having to buy more. :) *fingers are crossed*

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! :)