Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our day in Nice

Ok, so I'm officially back home in Portland! YAY! The flights were soooooooooooooo long! Wow!
So, I didn't get a chance to update my blog yesterday after visiting Nice. Basically, we got up early and decided to play "The Amazing Race" by catching a train into Nice not knowing how to speak a lick of French. Rather interesting! We made it just fine, though, and wandered through the streets checking out all of their stores. We also made it down to the, the nude beach! LOL I think it was optional because there were a few that were topless but not everyone was...and not a pretty sight either. ;) But on the other hand the scenery surrounding the beach was gorgeous!

After we got back on the ship we headed to the spa. I laid on the hot stone beds and fell asleep for a couple of that felt so good and relaxing! We then hooked up with our friends and went to the CTMH closing banquet where I was able to steal a picture with Jeanette (founder and CEO). I also got lots of comments on my shirt that read in french... "I'm always right" on the front and "even when I'm wrong" on the back. LOL Everyone thought it was cute! I even had it verified by an elderly man in the elevator that it truly said what I thought it did. ;) As for the glitter...OY! I have it freakin' everywhere! LOL How am I going to wash this thing?

So we went to dinner at the Magenta (one of the main dining rooms) with some friends so we could see our favorite waitress one last time. We laughed with her alot and got a picture, too. She was so much fun! Then it was off to pack for departure. :( I was so sad to be coming home because I was having the time of my life but so ready to come home, too, because I missed my family and friends so much - and STARBUCKS! ;) LOL

So, anyways, that was our journey through the Mediterranean. Now to leave you on a FUNNY note! *hehehe* About 45 minutes into our 10 hour flight I needed to get up and go to the bathroom. When I opened the door I saw that someone had missed the toilet and there sat a softball size of poo just next to the toilet. *hahaha* What's even worse is that it look like someone had stepped in it too. LOL! So I told the stewardess and she said that in all her 26 years of flying this is one thing she had never seen before. LOL Poor lady! ;) About 6 hours later when I needed to go again she stopped to tell me that she was the one that had to clean it up and that she made sure that all her co-workers knew that they owed her BIGTIME! Ha! Can't say I blame her for that one. *hehehe* Anyways, just thought you would get a good laugh out of that. I know I do! :)

~ *Stampily Yours*~ Shannon! :)


ChrissyG said...

So glad you guys are home safe and sound & I know your girls are happy 2! Thanks for blogging while you were gone. It was so fun to read about your fun adventures along the way! That poo story is great, one you will never forget I'm sure!