Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A day in Naples

We were in the port of Naples today. What a beautiful place! A couple of cruisers had set up this amazing, private site seeing tour for 4 couples and so it was so exciting to be asked to join them.Our driver picked us up at port and drove us about an hour through the mountains to a little village on the other side of the hills. There were HUGE cliffs and amazing views...and once there it was a tiny little shopping center that was so fun to take in.

We then hopped back into the car and went to the next stop - the city center - where we were able to do even more shopping. We found some lemon liquor (that I think we're going to drink tomorrow night since the ship security didn't take it from us during the security check. *hehehe* Plus we found some great Gelato and also went out to lunch.Next, our driver took us over to Pompeii where we were able to go inside the ruins and view all the archeologist finds from centuries ago. This was really neat and led the way for some AWESOME pictures!
Once back on the ship we went and enjoyed some time in the spa, went out to dinner, and then watched the Newlywed Game where one of the consultants with CTMH got pulled up to participate. How fun is that! We laughed a TON! Especially when the question was asked, "What is one of the oddest things you've seen your husband do while naked" (or something like that) - it was basically watching him run around chasing a mouse while she was going into labor. LOL Got even funnier when we got back to our cabin that night and there was a little towel mouse peeking out from under our pillow on our bed. ROFL I had to razz them about it later...too funny! :)

Well, I am absolutely ZONKERED and need to get to bed - I also feel like I'm catching a cold. *Sniffle Sniffle* :) We need to be up bright and early again in the morning!! Then only a few more stops and then we will be home sweet home. :)

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! :)