Monday, October 6, 2008

At Sea today...

Today was our official first day at sea! I love at sea days! There is always so much fun stuff to see and do!
Yesterday, we bought a Spa Pass which means that for $75 a pop we could visit the spa and use the facility as often as we would like. So that's what we did this morning...we headed to the spa with Pam and Scot and used the jacuzzi and the hot stone beds. LOVE those!

Next Aaron, Stan, and Scot had signed up to be in the CTMH basketball tournament so we went and watched them play off the back of our ship. The weather was really nice and warm...Amy, Pam and I got some great shots of them playing, too. They didn't win the CTMH trophy but I thought they did pretty darn good! They had a winning record of 3/2.
We had a fabulous lunch and dinner today. We also had a CTMH business meeting that was really kinda fun. Tradition for the business meeting is that CTMH always puts together some sort of game geared towards the husbands and their knowledge of what their wives do for a living. This year they did the Family Feud game and the winning team would each get $100 product credit for each contestant. Way cool! Too bad my name wasn't called...but then again, I really didn't want to be called on stage either - I HATE being made the center of attention like that. LOL

I wore my dry-clean only white pants today with a Raspberry colored shirt and my new, cute black heels. Had to mention this because I told Scot I was going to tease him! LOL!! Scot went to cut into something on his lunch plate today and it flew across at me, landed on my pants, and stained them! Can you believe that?! ;) Luckily, most of it came out so I'm not too worried about it...but I do make him sit at the far end of the table when it comes to meal time now. LOL Poor guy! ;)

Well, I need to get up bright and early. We are headed into Malta in the morning where I hear its absolutely breathtaking and a great opportunity for a photo op! The cruise director did make a point to say that we can sleep in for the other ports because they aren't quite up to par for photos...LOL. So I had better get my snooze on so I don't miss this. :) Chat tomorrow! :)

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! :)