Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

We were up bright and early today and heading back into Barcelona to catch our cruise ship at port. YAY! It was way fun once we actually got there because I started seeing so many of my friends and even got to meet my downline Suzanne in person. That was neat! She looked like she was having a fabulous time so far and that made me really happy!
We had to go to our Muster stations like we do every year for the safety check. This, however, was the first year that we actually got a picture of us sitting around in our life Way cute, huh? I know we've had pictures taken of us in previous years in our life vests but unfortunately they had never been on our camera and no one has ever shared them. They must've turned out bad or something...LOL!

We didn't take as many pictures today...not sure why...probably because we were catching up and enjoying everyone's company. :) Both Aaron and I got so many compliments on our thinner selves so that made us feel really well. Kristine W. from the corporate office even told Aaron to turn around so she could see both sides of him. So he did his little turn and then she said, "Ooh Aaron you look good both coming and going!" LOL Aaron admitted later that it threw him off a little bit for her to say that and it embarrassed the heck outta him...but I know he loved every minute of it - he can't fool me! ;)

We went out to dinner with our friends Pam & Scot and Stan & Amy. We went out to one of the pay chinese restaurants and had fabulous food. We also had a 2 for 1 coupon to help pay the cover so that was awesome too! We all laughed a lot and had a great time! We even had some ship officials come over and ask how our meal was. I think he liked us so much that he gave us his card and told us that if we needed ANYTHING to give us a call.

*UPDATE* - we used the power of that card for many things during the week. LOL If we asked a waitress for dessert before our main meal and she didn't seem to want to do it we would whip out that card and say that we're friends with Richard and boy did we get our way in a snap. ROFL It was a lot of fun...and funny! ;)~

Tomorrow is our first official "At Sea" day before we start hitting all of the ports. Can't wait! We are planning to be extra cautious in the ports because there have already been a few consultants that have been pickpocketed. :( One lost all their money out of the wallet in their FRONT pockets while the other one lost her camera. :( Hopefully nothing like that happens to us. :)

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! :)