Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My play area!

Oooh, to have my play area lookin' this clean again! LOL

With only 3 days left until I leave for the Mediterranean I bet you can only imagine what my play area looks like right now. *sigh* I just finished with a couple of very huge projects that were weighing me down and I am happy to say that they are out the door first thing in the morning. YAY!

I would love to start taking applications for anyone that wants to come clean my play area while I'm away, though. LOL It desparately needs it! ;)

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! ;)


* said...

Shannon! What a beautiful play area! If I was local, I'd come by for a play date! :-)

Shannon Buck - www.stampinbuds.com said...

Thanks! And my room is like a brighter Barn Red color. Can't remember the name of it, though...but I know its not as fun as "Apple Crisp" - LOL!