Monday, September 22, 2008

Demo Board Artwork

Happy Monday Morning!

As excited as I am to leave at the end of the week for vacation, I'm also chomping at the bit to return home rejuvenated so that I can start turning my blog into something more "artistically savvy" - I'm sure it's much anticipated and everyone wants to see more artwork from me, right? ;)

Anyways...I wanted to be sure to drag these photos of the Demo Board swap I was in over from Typepad before I end up deleting that account. Sorry for those of you who are seeing this for the 2nd time around. I hope you understand. :)

This first picture is of my contribution to the swap. I used the CTMH Evensong L2 Paper Packet.

This next picture uses the Notebook L2 Packet and is done by my good friend Jody P. I LOVE her artwork. She always does such great work. I want to be like Jody when I grow up!! LOL
This next picture uses the Perfect Day L2 Packet and is done by my friend Anne H. I really love her use of embellishments here. She always does such a great job with that and I am always excited to see what she comes up with. Great job Anne!

This next picture uses the Magic Moments L2 Packet and is done by my good friend Amy McG. I especially like the card with the "S" on it. How cute is that! She used the new CTMH embroidery floss to make some adorable little french knots in each paisley. How clever! Loved her little 3" x 3" card, too. Absolutely adorable!

Lastly, this artwork is done with the Aspen L2 Packet by Kelly Eng-T. It was kind of neat, actually, that Kelly went ahead and put a picture of her kids catching snowflakes on her 12" x 12" page. I always think that artwork looks so complete when there are photos and personality...however, I rarely put photos on my layouts prior to photographing because I'm just too eager to get the artwork posted for you all to! Shame on me! I'll try to get better at containing my excitement so that there is enough time to add the pictures. ;)

I hope your inspiration is bursting at the seams after seeing all of this beautiful artwork by these VERY TALENTED ladies! :)

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! ;)


Eads Family said...

I LOVE your blog! You are so good at this computer stuff! I would really like to transform mine into a place to post my art. My fam isn't into posting anything on it as much as I thought they would be so I would love another way to help maybe generate more business among my family & friends & earn that cruise! Ahh....I can already hear the steel drums.... ; )

I'm also so glad you moved to blogspot...I wasn't able to add a link to your blog with the other address. I hope you have a great time this next week on you vacation! Hopefully I'll be able to join you all in a year & a half!

I'm so pumped about this cruise...I want to do whatever it takes & am looking forward to the conf. call tonight. I meant to ask though, is the call for the western carribean cruise or the one coming up this weekend? Anyway, talk to you soon!