Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paying it Forward

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! It's been so long since I have enjoyed shopping this much! Woohoo!! I'm plannin' on lookin' smokin' hot on the cruise this year with all my new cute clothes...YIPPEE! (Can you tell I'm a bit giddy?) LOL ;)

So, I have to tell you what happened today that left my heart so blessed. We went to Old Navy to pick up some cheap t-shirts for our upcoming cruise. I was in the the checkout line and I had just swiped my debit card and paid for my clothes when the lady behind me asked me if I had used the "friend" coupon that would give me an extra 20% off my entire order. I, of course, said, "No." (What a bummer to have to pay full price...which is exactly what I was doing!) :(

Well, what happened next absolutely floored me! The lady behind me turns to the clerk and says to him, "This is my friend and I want her to be able to use this coupon." Wow! How awesome is that?! I graciously accepted and just stood their in awe over what had just happened. What a wonderfully sweet thing that this complete stranger did for me. :) I went on to tell her how I was shopping for vacation and that any little bit that I could save right now would help out soooo much!! I was just so excited!!

...and then of course it got me thinking of how and when I will be able to Pay it Forward to a complete stranger like this kind woman did for me. I can't wait to share the generosity and bless someone elses heart by simply sharing a random act of kindness. It just makes me so excited and happy when I can share a blessing and a smile with someone else. :)