Monday, January 18, 2010

Using superglue as lip gloss outta do the trick!

Yep! I am back & ready to attack the fat in 2010 by sealing my lips with superglue! Woohoo! LOL Ok, ok... I'm just kidding, but don't you agree that it sounds pretty tempting? LOL!

Well... after experiencing a very stressful 2009 with many life changing events I have decided to get back on track with both diet & exercise by setting a 2010 goal of losing my "winter weight" in time to look slim & trim (again!) come bikini weather! ;)~ ...I'm also hoping that as my momentum begins to rebuild that you'll become inspired to make some healthy life changes, as well. With a little discipline on your part, & some realistic encouragement from me, I know that you'll be able to make it happen! We can soooo do this!! :)

So... one of the 1st things I did in order to prep for Day 1 of my new diet & exercise program was to download a program called "iWatchr" to my iPhone. It is a simple $0.99 download in iTunes plus an additional $0.99 if you decide to add on the bonus features. You can learn more about this program by visiting the developers website HERE.

The program itself is based off the popular Weight Watchers points system but is not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way. Fortunately for me, however, I have gone through the Weight Watchers program where I successfully lost 77lbs in a years time so w
ith the help of my super organized Mom (this morning!) I was able to figure out my personal point values in order to have a solid starting point for this neat little program! Yay! (...thanks Mom! As you know, my books are lost somewhere in my house... as usual! - lol)

So anyways, what are some of the things I plan on doing in order to make progress toward wearing a super cute bikini this summer? Well, as mentioned above I am following the WW point system in order to track my food within the iWatchr program. I am also still planning on working in "Sushi Saturday" (which is a Sushi roll & 1 Cupcake!) at least every other week. I will also be alternating in different forms of exercises from Treadmill & Kettlebell workouts to the Wii Active program & whatever other forms of activities I can find to work into the mix! It's all about having fun & I find that if I can keep variety in the activities I'm doing I tend to stick with a program a lot longer. I'm excited to start seeing results!

Today's Exercises:
40 minutes Treadmill workout (2 miles with 188 calories burned)
Danskin Now Kettlebell workout #1 with a 20lb Kettlebell

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!
~Shannon ;)


Michelle Nist said...

Oo...very cool Ap - I'm downloading this and using it! I was just trying to figure a good way to start counting my points again and this will do it! :)