Sunday, September 6, 2009

David Cook in Concert

So its Labor Day weekend, the last weekend before the girls return back to school so I wanted to make sure that we did something fun to close out the fun summer (I'm hoping) they had.

Well, as luck would have it, I heard on the radio when I hit the tanning beds the other day that David Cook was going to be in Concert Saturday September 5th at the Oregon State Fair. Nice! So, I got online and scored us some tickets!! Woohoo!! Alyssa was especially excited because this was going to be her very first concert EVER!!

As far as seats go...if you were to be standing up on stage our seats were all the way to the far left about mid section up...not the greatest but not to shabby either being that I only purchased them the night before...LOL! ...Well, at least we *thought* they were fairly good tickets...that is until there was a change of events! Check this out...

So we got to our seats about an hour early and were watchin' everyone as they were coming in to find their own seats. We met a really nice girl named Rebecca that was sitting next to us that had come to the concert by herself. A new friend! YAY!! This was her 4th concert and she said that she's been following David Cook's career since when he was on American Idol which was really cool to hear!

Well, not long after being seated Alyssa wanted to stand on her seat to see how tall she was but was scared to do so because she saw one of the Security Guards looking our way. She gave him a quick wave and much to her surprise he waived back at her! This freaked her out! LOL She thought she was going to get in trouble for wanting to stand on the seats and became super duper fearful when he started walking our way...ut-oh!! LOL We all sat looking forward and not talking for a moment (I guess we were all holding our breath...? lol). He made his way up the stairs and into the row behind us...*gulp*...but next thing we know he is flashing 4 premium seat tickets in front of me which meant we were movin' next to the stage baby!!!! Woohoo!! What a cool surprise!! :P

The concert was great, especially with the AWESOME tickets we scored!! David Cook and The Crash Kings put on a really good show. Unfortunately, we haven't followed David's career outside of the few songs in the mainstream so it was great to hear what else he has been singing that we were clueless about (oopsie!)...loved when he sang "Hotel California" by The Eagles and "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen, though! Can you say HOT?! LOL

So, after the concert Alyssa and I made sure to take our picture with the awesome Security Guard, Brian, for being so generous with the tickets...which I think he thought was very cool of us to do. ;) After talking with Brian for a little bit I learned that when he waived at Alyssa what he was really doing was trying to get her to come down to him and get the tickets which would've put us in even BETTER seats, if you could believe that! LOL We had an awesome time in the new seats we scored, though. We enjoyed great music, made new friends, the girls got some great t-shirts, and even got to meet one of the band members from The Crash Kings AND got a signed CD by them. What an AWESOME evening we had!! Sure glad we went. :)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~