Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sadness or Growth?

For those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you may have caught a glimpse of my not-so-cheerful life (that I'm reluctant to get into) over the last several months. :(

Well, both my Mom and one of my very sweet friends suggested to me recently that I needed to do something special for myself this weekend because they think I deserve a little bit of pampering after everything I've been through in my life lately. So, I posted today that I wanted to buy myself a bracelet to help "Brighton" my day. Good idea, right?

Well, the problem with my purchase was that by purchasing it I didn't know if it would represent the sadness I've been feeling or if it would represent growth toward better things to come. Well, once my eyes happened upon this beautiful bracelet I wanted (and yes I love bracelets as much as Sushi, Cupcakes, Lattes, & Martinis! LOL) I knew right off it would represent new GROWTH in my life. It reminds me of a growing Daisy and I think it's absolutely beautiful. The problem is that Brighton no longer has it in stock and so I had to order it in. I'll know by tomorrow afternoon if I'm still able to get it. *fingers are crossed tightly* :)

Here's to new Growth toward a bigger and brighter future filled with lots of love. :)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~



Tammy Lea Pinchard said...

Yay GF!!! I'm so glad that you decided to allow this to symbolize growth! You deserve pure happiness. Hang in there sweetie!

The bracelet is GORGEOUS! Wouldn't mind one myself, but I'm not much of a jewelry girl.


jendan02 said...

Good luck!! I am thinking about you. Here's to personal growth.. Cheers!

Michelle Nist said...

It's beautiful! I hope you find one! We can all call our local Brighton stores if you need us to! :)

bren yule said...

Love your spunk and's to cupcakes and growth! hugs, bren

Ker said...

I love it! I think it totally represents growth! You are amazing! And I too think you deserve all of the happiness and goodness in the world. Have a splendid day!
Keri Scoresby

Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

You definitely deserve it Shannon. What a gorgeous bracelet and I am glad that you can use it as a symbol of Personal Growth...
Cheers to Personal Growth!!!
Stampin Bud Hugs!!!

Brenda said...

good luck to you and hugs for all you are going through...may your braclet represent the growth in your life you are striving's it...smiles Brenda