Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nickelback put on a great show!

Well, its the morning after the Nickelback concert and what a fun night it was! :) I had bought the tickets for Becca as her gift for her birthday even though we also left for Disneyland that day. :o) But it was also cool that the concert event just happened to fall on the 28th...the day after my it really ended up being quite the treat for both of us. :)

Traffic was a mess getting there (took us over an hour to get out of Portland when it usually only takes us 20 minutes) so we missed the first act, Saving Abel...bummer! We did get to see all the other bands, though. Papa Roach was really good (and quite the potty!)...Hinder was good (from what we saw of them...I'm not really a fan,, and then of course Nickelback put on an AWESOME show! Did a lot of their more popular songs and a few that I haven't familiarized myself with...I'm sure we'll be downloading the rest of their albums from iTunes today...LOL! They played for a couple of hours and really did a great job. :)

One of Becca's friends was also at the concert so she came and found Becca and said "Hi"...I took their picture, of course, which I know for a fact they thought it was goofy. Oh well! LOL Other than that, everytime I would hop into the isle to take a picture this one guy off to my left would hop out of his seat to come talk to me. LOL Becca and I thought it was pretty funny, really! He kept asking for my number and trying to convince me why I should date him but I just wouldn't give in. Missed opportunity...guess I'll never know. :o)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~



Golfheader said...

My sister-in-law took her family to the show, they loved it!!!