Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award...

How fun is this! I received a fun blog award from my friend and fellow CTMH sister Melissa L.! Thanks Melissa! :)

So here's the deal... pass it on to bloggers that are "honest" in their blogging and list 10 "honest" things about yourself. Ok, sounds easy enough!

Amy McGrew:
Toby Weymiller:
Michelle Nist:
Suzanne Davis:
Tammy Pinchard:

10 Honest Thing about me:
1- I'm very good at slackin' / procrastinatin'...there I said it, in public even, EEK!
2- I secretly love the song "Bust a Move" by Young MC! LOL Boy that's embarrassing to admit!
3- *SHOCK ALERT* - I have only ever completed 1 scrapbook album and that was for my parents in 2004 when they took my family and I to Disneyland. :o)
4- I'm a Facebook junkie...but then again, most of you already knew that...its just taken me this long to see past the whole fake denial thing I have goin' on! LOL
5- I haven't ever figured out who would be on my "short list" know, the hot actor that its ok to be with if he came knockin' on my door. LOL
6- And speaking of "short"...I am absolutely positively against short guys being with taller girls cuz its just plain unnatural! LOL Sorry if this offends anyone but for me its just a no-can-do...and my girls aren't allowed to date or marry anyone shorter than them either. LOL
7- Thinks its fun to make up stupid dances to songs like "Get Low" in the car with her girls! :P
8- Loves bracelets, shoes, and shopping for dresses as much as Starbucks, Cupcakes, Sushi, and Martinis! What can I say? I'm a frickin' girly-girl! :P
9- Wishes my Fairy Godmother was REALLY just a teardrop away and not a figment of my imagination cuz what I really need is a maid and a cook and an assistant...OH, and a MAN! :P
10- I LOVE getting comments on my blog. They make my day and make me feel really good inside!

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~



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Congratulations :)