Monday, February 9, 2009

Going Clean...

An update for:
Monday, February 9th, 2009

Dear Blog Journal,
I ate absolutely horrible last week...horrible! From lots of cupcakes in celebration of my Moms b-day (and beyond) to lots of Mexican food which means lots of chips and salsa...gallons probably. LOL So I am back on my diet today and going strong thanks to the help of my wonderful hubby Aaron. :) He has put me on a "clean" diet this week (by my request) which basically means that I am trying not to eat anything that is overly processed or high in sodium and I am trying to make sure to keep up with my water intake. So far so good!

I also really enjoyed today's workout at the gym. It was really fun! I hit a PR in front squats and did the actual workout in 11:07 minutes with 12.5 lb dumbells and a 12# ball for ball slams. Doesn't sound like much but it will be some day. ;) I also want to be sure to say how much I enjoy working out with Erin...she is so nice and I really enjoy talking with her during our workouts too. :)

Oooh, also I tried getting 2 meals in me before my workout this morning plus at least 20 oz of water. I still had the tummy frustrations today BUT it didn't happen until AFTER my workout. I can so handle that! YAY! Lets hope I've correctly dialed in and lets hope it continues to improve. *fingers are crossed*

Here is what we did for the Workout:
Skill was:
  • Front Squat (New PR - 90 lbs!)
  • 5 Spidermans
Workout was: 30/15 - 24/12 -20/10 - 16/8 -12/6 - 8/4 - 4/2 - 2/1
  • Ball Slams (1st # above) - 12#
  • DB snatch (2nd # above) - 12.5#
My food intake:
Breakfast: 1/2 cup Oatmeal w/ 1 scoop Glutamine & 3/4 scoop Max Pro Vanilla, 1 oz Max Ultra 100 Vitamins
Snack: 1/2 of a protein bar
Lunch: 6" Turkey sub from Subway
Snack: Max Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Other: 4oz Monavie
Dinner: Seared Tuna and Veggies
Snack: 1 Lite String Cheese
Water intake: 64 oz

Determined to look fine in 2009 -
~Shannon ;)~
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