Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm with David Johnson now?

Ok, first off...before I tell you all about David Johnson you have to check out these AWESOME shoes that I found out on 23rd (a fun shopping area in downtown Portland) today when we went for our weekly SUSHI SATURDAY event!! Aren't these the cutest shoes or what?! And only $20!! *Woohoo* I should've bought the black ones and the yellow ones, too, but why do I need the same shoes done over and over again in different colors when I can have a rainbow of different styles to choose from eventually? ;)

So anyways, last night we went out to Bartini's and Grand Central with our friends and had a GREAT time! :) I tried to stick to my secret tradition of trying as many martini's from the list of 100 that I could (and don't worry, I'm really trying to pace myself by only having a couple each time we go!) but quickly realized that there are a few on the list that I would NEVER EVER order...such as the ones that have coconut in them - YUCK! I'm also not a big fan of Irish Cream or ones that are similar in flavor. And the licorice one that Aaron ordered last night...ewww! Don't even get me started. LOL

So what did I order? Well, the one pictured here is the Thin Mint that tastes like a Girl Scout cookie milkshake, actually. Very Very Good...but I gave it to our friend Doyle because he really, really liked it. I also tried the Watermelon Cosmo which tasted like a Jolly good! The Caramel Appletini (suggested by my friend Melanie B. - it was YUMMY Melanie!!) and I also had a "Sweet Hereafter" which was more of a butterscotch frickin' good!

Next we decided to head over to Grand Central to play some pool. I ordered a Peartini there...which was good but I've had way better at a place up in Seattle called Jak's.

My friend Teresa and I tried to team up against Aaron and Doyle to beat them at a game of pool. We gave them a run for their money but in the end they beat us 3 games to ZERO - Darn it! LOL We sure showed them, huh? LOL At least we had lots of fun doing it, though, and we both had some really great shots but in the end we just couldn't pull it out. Better luck next time I! ;)

At the end of the evening Aaron went up to pay our bar/pool tab and somehow the bartender had lost Aaron's drivers license! OOPSIE! Apparently the bartender had givin it to some other guy when he had came up to pay his tab so now all of a sudden I was no longer with my hubby Aaron...*gulp*...I was with a new guy named David Johnson?! LOL ...I must say, it all happened so quickly, too. *teehee*

The bad part in all of this was that Aaron was our "designated driver" for the evening and normally I would probably be a little freaked out about the situation but since I was so relaxed from all of the martinis and feeling pretty smiley and giggly I just kept laughing about it. LOL It was kind of fun to watch the bartender scramblin' around trying to make things right. PLUS, we didn't have to pay our pool tab so that was pretty cool, too. Can't complain there! By the time we got home, though, the bartender called to let us know that David came back in for his own license so all is good and as soon as we drive down to Grand Central to do the switcharoo this morning I will have Aaron back again. YAY!! ;)

(Oh...and no worries, Doyle, your incriminating pictures are on my computer but I'm being nice and not posting them for the world to see...yet! I'll keep them in my back pocket just in case I ever need to use them against you for anything. *hehehe*)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~


Melanie said...

Glad you liked the Caramel Appletini! The Thin Mint one sounds good, too! Hmmmmm....

Shannon Buck - said...

Loved it! Thanks for the suggestion! :)