Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cupcakes = Zen!

Yippee!! - While I was out shopping all by my little lonesome (Can you tell that I wish I had a friend to shop with? *pout*) at Bridgeport Village in Tualatin today I ventured into a neat little bath store called Zen and look what I found...

Cupcake PJ Pants!!!!! Woohoo!!

I am SO excited over these! I just couldn't leave them sitting on the table unpurchased, right? So I took them up to the register all giddy and made it a done deal. *hehehe* I think I'm going to wear them the rest of the night with my cool "Show Me Your Cupcakes" t-shirt from Cupcake Royale...and maybe someday I can even eat a pink frosted white cupcake in them, too. *dreaming of that day* ;)

OH...and I'll be sure to make a scrapbook page modeling my new duds when I get my hands on the hot new Cupcake stamp set we're getting...but shhhhh! Don't tell anyone I know about that, ok? *teehee* ;)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)


lovinpaper said...

Those are awesome!! Love them. Love your music also on your blog!

Shannon Buck - said...

Thanks Heather! I've added more music to it over the last several days, too.

As for my jammies...I wear them all the time and LOVE them. They are so comfy. :)