Sunday, September 28, 2008

We're in London BABY!

After 7.5 hours of flying we (*singing in my best Kanye West and Estelle Voice*) ~ Just touched down in London-town ~ Our flight was suppose to be longer but we caught some really good tail wind. Right on! And talk about a big plane...the depth of it went on for what seemed like MILES!

The flight was really good, actually...pretty smooth most of the way and because it was so dark outside I didn't even worry too much about what all was going on outside - like the ocean below and all the creatures of the deep. (Don't you just love my silly quirks? LOL)

The airline gave us little masky things for our eyes so that we could shut out all the lights around us. Pretty cool! Can't say we were looking too chipper sportin' them, though - but the picture is growing on me more and more! Kent and Tina looked pretty good, I thought. :)

It took us 2 hours to find our hotel. We took the Tube (it sounds cooler than it really is!) and had to connect in 3 different stations. It was like being on the Amazing Race only we haven't really seen anything AMAZING yet. LOL Lots of people talkin' with their accents, though, so that was pretty cool to listen to. :)

Our hotel room is nice, smallish, BUT there is a Starbucks right outside...YIPPEE!! :)~ Guess where I'm headed for a yummy pick-me-up and a familiar smile? ;)~ (even got the picture to prove it! lol)
Well, we are off to meet Kent and Tina in the lobby so that we can start our first bit of exploration. YAY!! That'll be so cool! I think we're planning on hitting Camden Market and also heading over to Paddington to get a picture with Paddington Bear (Tina is just DYING to do this!). LOL Silly but fun!

So, until next time... *smile*

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon! ;)


Melanie said...

Love the first round of pics! :) I hope you-all have a BLAST! We soooo want to go back to Germany...heck, we'd move there in a HEARTBEAT! :)

Shannon Buck - said...

I'd love to get to Germany some day. That would be so fun!