Saturday, September 27, 2008

Atlanta Airport

Well we made it to Atlanta! Woohoo! The flight was pretty good but yet I will always complain about! The shift of the turbulance was weird in my opinion but I've been assured that it was normal...whatever normal means!

Anyways, we met up with our travel buddies, Tina and Kent! How fun! Having someone else to talk to is very entertaining...Aaron and Kent are pouring over maps and things while Tina and I are updating our blogs...priorities you know! ;)

We will be boarding our next flight here in about 30 minutes with our next stop being LONDON BABY! Woohoo! Chat with you on the next leg! Now, lets just hope I can get some sleep. ;)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon! :)


Jennifer said...

Hey Shannon! Have a wonderful time in Europe! I bet you guys fared better than I did in the Atlanta airport in April: I didn't know about that airport subway train and I walked the WHOLE airport with my scrapping rolling case, plus my purse and carry on! But on the way home I had the place wired. I hope you do have time to update your blog-I am excited to hear all about the trip! Happy Trails! Jennifer C in NJ