Friday, September 19, 2008

Only 1 more week...eek!

So, do you think its too early for me to start hyperventilating yet? I'm feeling this major urge to head to the store right now to buy a whole bunch of brown bags...LOL! Only 7 days to go before Aaron and I officially leave on a plane for 2 weeks to explore Europe and the Mediterranean...holy cow!!

I'm SOOOO excited to get there and see all the sights that I have never-ever dreamed I would see - London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Monte Carlo - all courtesy of the trip I EARNED with CTMH - Woohoo! But I'm sure as heck nervous about all this flying that needs to take place in order to get me to and from these magnificent places SAFELY! You would think that with all of the flying that I've done over the past 8 years because of different CTMH events that I've attended that I would be a seasoned pro at this by now, right? I can't say that I am, though - Ugh! :( (Don't worry though Tina! I have a prescription for that! Maybe I should consider having it filled TODAY? Is it too soon to start poppin' those babies? LOL)

The other thing that I'm REALLY excited about is that if everything goes as planned I should be able to give blog updates almost daily depending on the type of service I can tap into while I'm over there. YAY!! We're planning on taking a ZILLION pictures this time around - and especially since I'm not as camera shy as I once was (losing 65+ pounds can do that for a girl! *teehee*) - hopefully I can get some pictures posted and keep all my readers in the know as we trek across Europe on this amazing once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Won't that be fun?! :) Maybe this will even be the very first scrapbook album I actually complete! LOL

So with that, I had better get my rear up and movin' this morning. I have SOOO much to do to get ready for this...finish Team Club, finish my cruise swap, PACK all of my cute new know, the fun stuff! ;)

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! :)


amym said...

Oh, you lucky dog!! I would have loved to have thrown Paris into the mix also!!!! That has always been a dream of mine.

Next time!! There will have to be a next time for me.

I am freaking out right now too. Why is there always so much to do to get ready to leave?!?