Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cupcakes inspire...

A couple of weeks back I made a drive up North to the Gig Harbor area to visit my friends Riley & Corinna. It was so nice to see them! Have I shared a little of their story with you yet? the story goes...

I met Riley at the Great Wolf Lodge in August 2009 while all our kids played on the water slides. Riley was getting ready to head over to Iraq but somehow through the magic of Facebook and phone we decided to keep in touch. One of my other friends, Corinna (also a consultant with Close To My Heart), was also a member of my Facebook wall and before too long her and Riley started flirtin' a little bit, chattin' a little bit, and well...things just began to blossom and before you know it they had decided to get married but hadn't even met each other in person yet!

When Riley finally made it home from Iraq (February 2010), him and Corinna met for the first time and knew right away that their love was true. They have since set the date (October 2010) and they are livin' the life of's so cute! :)

Anyways, when I was up visiting them a couple of weeks ago Corinna gave me some cupcake things she had picked up for me. THANK YOU CORINNA!! You are so super sweet! ...I'm sorry its taken me so long to get these up on my blog, too! Eek! I can't wait to use these...I love them!! (*(*HUGS*)*)

~*Stampily Yours*~~Shannon! :)~