Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A sweet surprise!

I went out to lunch with my parents today at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and yes, I had the Chicken Waldorf Salad...again! LOL I always have's too scrumptious not to!

Anyways, when I arrived back home I had a box waiting for me on my doorstep. How exciting! When I opened it up I had a bunch of cute little cupcake things in it from my Great Grandma Upline Bren Y. Awww! How sweet is that?! I felt so blessed!

Thank you so much Bren for this wonderful gift. I absolutely LOVE it!! I love anything that has to do with cupcakes and being that I've been having issues with my back yesterday and today this really helped to brighten my day. :) I also really love the card you stinkin' cute!! So elegant yet so simple and adorable. :) Thank you thank you!! :)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~



Brenda said...

loved the card so cute...just because...I love giving gifts to friends on "off" days...