Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!!

2008 was an INCREDIBLE year for me. I kicked off the New Year by...
  • Losing an incredible amount of weight (I'm currently at over 70 lbs lost and keeping it off! (so far!) - Woohoo!)
  • I surprised all my Consultant friends with the "new me" when I attended the CTMH Consultants Convention in Orlando Florida this past July (that was a lot of fun actually, because no one even recognized!)
  • I took my hubby on an INCREDIBLE vacation to Europe followed by a Mediterranean Cruise with CTMH (talk about a vacation of a lifetime - WOW!)
  • Strengthened some friendships *waves to all my favorite friends* while being fortunate enough to reconnect with some childhood friends and even make some new friends, too! "smile"
  • Found a new love for fitness that I never, ever had before (even when it kicks my butt and leaves me sore for days I'm really loving it! lol)
  • And...I even started blogging on a regular basis which has been so much fun and an inspiration to many, including myself! The wonderful emails and comments I receive heartfelt and encouraging! Thank you SO MUCH for those. Your words truly lift my spirits and make me feel good. :)
So, what will this New Year bring for me? Well, I can sit here and hope for many things to come my way but I know that if I set some goals I will better my chances for success. So, here are both SOME of my Personal & Business goals (outside of the true "givens" of family, spirituality, prosperity, health, wealth, and so on) to help kick-off the New Year (in no particular order)... :)

My Personal Goals:
  • To become a more positive and heartfelt person that people enjoy being around.
  • To be a wonderful friend to all who know me as well as to those that want to take the time to get to know me. :)
  • To jump into "personal" scrapbooking which means I want to actually COMPLETE at least 2 albums this year that shares my personal memories and experiences through fun photos, heartfelt journaling, and inspirational artwork.
  • To win 1st place in at least 1 CTMH Monthly Artwork Contest for consultants (guess I had better start sending in my artwork, huh? lol).
My Business Goals:
  • To earn the CTMH New Zealand trip WITH airfare PAID. (I just saw a report from corporate yesterday and it said that I'm currently on track to earn this trip. Woohoo! I still have 9 months of hard work ahead of me, though, so we'll see if I can earn it! *fingers are crossed*)
  • To be an inspiration to my Team by helping them achieve their business dreams through more focused sessions including one-on-one coaching.
  • To provide fun inspirations through creative artwork, challenges, and contests. (I already have a few fun things hidden up my sleeve!)
What are your New Years Goals? :) You can also check out my Health & Fitness Goals for the New Year by visiting my other blog at:

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)~


Takisha said...

Hey Shannon
Congrats on the weight loss! How did you do it and how long did it take you. I too am a fellow consultant and came across your blog addy on Lisa's blog. I 'll be sure to add you to my list, love your artwork.
Happy New Year

Brenda said...

congradulations...on all of your accomplishments...cheers to you...smiles Brenda

Sawitten said...

Sounds like you have some really good goals that you are going to meet! Thats great!
Happy New Year

Creative Mish said...

I need to sit down today and write out some goals! Good luck!!! Happy 2009

Melanie said...

You truly are an inspiration, and I hope to be at least AS HALF AS SUCCESSFUL as you someday. :) Thanks for sharing your goals...