Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Favorite Places in Portland

My hubby took me on a side trip the other night to a Martini bar that we've been wanting to go to. Lucky for us it just happened to be Happy Hour...SCORE!! He had the "Oatmeal Cookie" Martini (Um, YUM!! It tasted just like a cookie!). I had the "Espresso & Cream" Martini made with Starbucks Coffee (It was good but too much chocolate for me) and then followed it up with a "Spicy Affair" (Ooooh so gooood!). It was infused with chili pepper spice and had lime and pear puree in it...the heat tingled my throat going down but I think I would definitely have it again. :P~~

The Martini's were so good, in fact, we decided to go back the next night! LOL I tried the Pear Martini (needs to be perfected...they need to add a cinnamon/sugar rim!), a Blackberry Lemondrop (Oh so good! A quick favorite!), a Peach Bliss (a house was good but not great), and the French Kiss to top it off - YUM! (this one quickly tipped me over and sent me reeling into "schnockered-ville" - Ha!)

So...with all these fun new places we're finding around town I put up a new list on the right side of my blog to show off some of my favorite places around Portland! So far I am also showing off Sansai - my FAVORITE Sushi Bar where we hold our weekly "Sushi Saturday's"...and the other one is Recrete Fitness...the new gym I am joining next week. I'm sure its going to kick my butt BIGTIME but I'm excited to tone up my body and make it look even better. ;)

I hope you enjoy the list as it gets longer and longer...and maybe if you ever visit Portland you can check out some of these places and maybe run into me! (or just call me first and we can go play together!) :)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon Buck! :)