Friday, October 3, 2008

We made it to Barcelona!

Well, we caught our morning train to the airport and then our plane to Barcelona. Can't say that it was the greatest flight but we did make it safely, afterall! We hit some sort of air pocket that scared the bejeebers out of me...and I guess it scared Tina, too, because she yelled my name from 4 rows back...LOL! I didn't hear her...I had my ipod cranked up pretty loud...loud enough where I'm pretty sure that the poor old lady next to me most likely wanted to toss me out onto the wing of the plane...LOL! Oh well. :)

So, we get to Barcelona and get our car and of course we have more luggage that can fit into the trunk. Thank goodness they gave us a free upgrade...still had more luggage than trunk space, though! LOL We had it piled onto our laps, under our feet, in between us like a wall in the back name it! Can't say it was very comfortable but, well, you just gotta do what you gotta do so that it doesn't cost much more, right? ;)

We are staying in a Parador about an hour out of Barcelona in a small-ish town called Vic and it is gorgeous! It's an old farming town hidden deep in the moutainside. Just look at this place and this view that we have from our terrace balcony! It's absolutely AMAZING!

We ventured into Vic this evening to get some dinner. The town of Vic is just ok but the "old town" area is stunning and charming and reminds me a lot of Lille, France in its quaintness. With the help of a couple of locals we found a little restaurant with FANTASTIC food. HOLY COW! The meal I had could quite possibly the best meal I've ever had in my life!!

Kent kept telling us how great the Sangria is in Barcelona is so we had to give that a try, too. Little did we know that Tina and I would be schnockered off 1 glass - Ha! Just imagine how we were off of 4! LOL All we could do was giggle about silly things and make stupid jokes and remarks. I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow night...LOL! I'm really going back for the blue-cheese calzone I had...YUM! But I'm sure the Sangria will make it onto the table again, too. ;) (Just check out my schnockered face/eyes in the picture below...and then check out how small the glass is! ROFL! I'm relaxed baby!)

We are planning on getting up much later in the morning, heading down to the lobby for breakfast and then we'll head back into Vic for their Saturday Market which should be a lot of fun. Then in the afternoon I think we're going to go tour some midevil villages or something...and then of course hit the awesome restaurant for dinner. Can't wait! Woohoo!

Hope you are doing well, too. I miss everyone at home!! We were finally able to get a hold of our girls by phone today...nearly 1 week after we left. That was such a treat! :)

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon! :)