Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A day in Paris

Today didn't start off as great as planned...bummer! I went to use my hair straightener and it wouldn't work! It's brand new even...UGH! I think their electrical system burned it up after only one use. I'm so bummed! I'll try again in the morning but I doubt there is any hope. :( Now I get to have frizzy hair for the next several days. Oh joy! Those should be fun pictures to share, NOT!! :(
So! I've heard many great things about Paris...the Eiffel Tower, the little turnabout thingie that is in all of the movies (Charles De Gauille?)...romance, etc. Well, do I like Paris and would I like to go back?

...the answer is...

Not really and probably not. :T LOL

We saw the Eiffel Tower mid-day and while it is impressive in height I really think we needed to see it at night to get the full benefit of everything it had to offer. All it looked like to me was this huge towering thing that is brown, dingy, and had a lot of people standing around gawking at it and taking pictures.

I think the highlight of the day, other than all of the FOOD, was visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was beautiful and we were able to go inside and look around. Heard a rumor that the Pope had been there earlier in the day, too, and I guess it was hard to get inside. Pretty cool! We didn't see him of course...and that's ok!

The food was incredible today, though! I had a cupcake at a little bakery along with an incredible cheese salad with balsamic dressing...yum!! Also had a couple of baguette sandwiches, a chicken gyro, and some odds and ends. All very good! Oh, and for the record I SHARED this food...I didn't eat it all myself. LOL I'm not that big of a piggie...sheesh. ;)

From what I understand there are several consultants coming in to see Paris within the next couple of days. I hope they enjoy their time here more than I have. Even though we were traveling in a group I just didn't feel as safe here as I did in London. I would LOVE to go back to London someday! It was AWESOME!!

As for tomorrow we are off to Bruges, Belguim - I hear this city is INCREDIBLE! Can't wait. We have our train tickets that will get us out there in about 1.5 hours. Woohoo!

Can't wait to update you tomorrow. :) Also, be sure to check out my London link (right side of the page links) because I have updated pictures.

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon! :)