Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, it's official!

I have decided to make the 'ole switch-a-roonie from Typepad to Blogger for no particular reason other than... Why pay for the whole cow if I can get the milk for free...right? ;)

So, over the next several weeks I will be secretly pulling posts from my Typepad account and replacing them with new and improved posts over here in this new location at Blogger (did you get the whole 70's folgers coffee commercial reference on that sentence? LOL).

While I'm sad that I will lose many of the sweet "comments" from my adoring fans from over on Typepad (and I may even confuzzle some of you in the process!), I just think that Blogger will be more versatile for my own creative musings and will offer dazzling eye-candy for all you onlookers and Stampin' Buds junkies. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't want that?!

So, with that...its time to get this show on the road! I hope you'll stay-tuned as I begin to pour out many of my creative secrets and whimsical expressions that have been lingering Close To My Heart for so very long! It's soooo going to be worth it! ;)

Oh, and you can still visit my Typepad Blog for at least a month (basically, until I decide to rip it down and spend the money on a treat for myself at!). Simply click the following link to be whisked away like a tub full of calgon ~

~ *Stampily Yours* ~ Shannon ;)


Missgingerdots said...


I love your NEW blog. So cute!!!! Much, much better than the last. You are gong to love blogspot! So easy to use. See you next week! Big hugs,