Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And off to Lille, France

Today was quite the day! LOL

We started off by needing to be down in the lobby of our hotel by 8:15am to catch our taxi to the train station. Well, our alarm never went off so Kent and Tina called us to see where we were...EEK! It litterally took us only 10 minutes flat to roll out of bed, brush our teeth, toss everything into our suitcases and get down to the lobby. LOL Wow! I don't think I've ever moved so fast in my life! So, needless to say, I didn't really get to enjoy the sites of London on our way out of town because I was too busy trying to put my make-up on in the taxi. *Such a girl thing to do!* ;)

We made it to the train station on time but because there was a fire in the tunnel under the English Channel within the last couple of weeks the trains were running on different schedules...so basically if we would've gotten there any later we could've missed our train...eek! *See how this day is playing out so far? LOL*

Once in town we had to schlep our way to our hotel with all of our luggage...not bad but we had no idea where we were headed. We made it, though, and our hotel is really quaint. We dropped everything off and headed out to explore Lille, France.

It's a beautiful place with very narrow streets, adorable little shops, and tons of little bakeries that all look so yummy and fattening! Holy Cow! Hardly anyone speaks any English so we are trying to stumble our way through their language...its kinda funny actually!

We ended up in a little bakery that serves quiche - except they all call them tartletts here for whatever reason...is there a difference? ...oh who cares, they were to die for! YUM! LOL! We made sure to take lots of pictures for the memories, too. Luckily the shop waitress in one of the shops spoke a tad bit of English - that was very beneficial for us...*whew*. ;)

After that we explored lots more shops and the city streets. One of the most disturbing things in this place to me was all the smoking that was being done by kids that had to have been only 14 years old. Ack! That is so not cool and I'm not sure why they all think it is. :(

It's been raining all day (which is fine, much like Oregon) but we never expected to have to schlep ourselves through moonsoon like weather! LOL (My poor hair...eek!) So, needless to say, we're cold, soggy, but still up in spirit and having a great time. We're hoping to get back out tonight to explore the nightlife again...there are all kinds of lights hung across the streets to give everything a sparkly fun feel. Could be fun!

Update: We did go out and they didn't light up the lights. What kind of romantic, fun town is this suppose to be if they don't even think about setting the mood? LOL

In the morning we are hopping a train to Paris - can't wait to see the Eiffel Tower...that'll be neat and I can't wait to share all our pictures with you! :)

~*Stampily Yours*~ Shannon! :)


Shannon Buck - www.stampinbuds.com said...

LOL no! That's ours and Tina and Kents. :)